Today, March 8th, 2017, marks the official launch of Red Century. We have chosen
this date consciously to reflect the values we look to carry forward in our writing and
organising. March 8th is International Working Women’s Day, and we salute all
women comrades around the world struggling for liberation today, and every day.

Today is a uniquely important International Working Women’s Day: It is the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution, which began with Russian women striking against the imperialist war the Tsarist state was imposing on the peoples of the Russian Empire. This democratic revolution marked the beginning of the revolutionary process that was to culminate in the October Revolution, the world-shaking moment which still inspires millions around the world today.

There is a new February happening in Rojava (Western Kurdistan), born out of a struggle against ISIS fascism, a reactionary force far more sinister than even the Tsarist autocracy the Bolsheviks faced. Yesterday, March 7th, was the anniversary of the martyrdom of Ivana Hoffmann, a Black German lesbian Marxist-Leninist who proudly took her place in the trenches with her party, the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Turkey and North Kurdistan, to fight for Kurdish liberation, for women’s liberation, for a new February and towards a new October.


Drawing on the lessons of the past hundred years since the February Revolution, we work to bring socialism into this century, to bring down capitalism, imperialism, and fascism. Our struggle is an international struggle. We are inspired by heroes like Ivana Hoffmann who fought to the very end for these revolutionary values. We follow her leadership in our stand for women, toilers, and the oppressed all around the world.

Red Century is the voice of this struggle. It is the voice of the faraway international brigades fighting for women’s liberation against ISIS, and it is the voice of women here in Britain fighting for their rights against the dictates of Stormont and Westminster. It is the voice of the rebel youth who stand against the rising tide of fascism, and the working people of all nationalities bled dry by the pursuit of profit.

Red Century is a source of revolutionary news and analysis for the peoples of Britain today. We seek to contextualise today’s struggles, at home and abroad, within a critical approach based on dialectical materialism, grounded in Marxism-Leninism. We are inspired by the call for a year-long celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the 1917 revolution that gave birth to the Soviet Union by the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations (ICOR), an organisation of diverse revolutionary groups from all over the world.

From February to October, 1917 is our history, our heritage. This is our century.




[PDF download of announcement]

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