Against Imperialism, Fascism and Takfiri Islamism: Statement on the Westminster Attack


On the 22nd of March, a terrorist attack claimed by ISIS was carried out in Westminster. The attack consisted of ramming pedestrians on Westminster Bridge with a hired car, killing several of them, then the stabbing to death of a police officer outside Parliament.

It goes without saying that we Marxist-Leninists condemn in every case such terrorist attacks, which are the nihilistic products of disturbed individual’s sadistic impulses. Such attacks, while carried out for ostensibly political aims, are in fact acts of desperation by people who have no means of engaging in the social reality of politics or forging militant connections to the downtrodden masses, and defending them.

In the case of ISIS in particular, we note that their bankrupt ideology cannot in any meaningful sense be claimed as a defence of any population and could never command the support of the masses. ISIS is by design a death cult, rejected even by the masses of conservative Sunnis whom the bourgeois media associates with them. We can see this concretely in the territory ISIS controls. When they are not simply slaughtering those living under their rule, they exploit, oppress, and place in harm’s way millions of Sunni Arabs for the sake of their predatory state building project. Lacking popular legitimacy they are forced to rely almost exclusively upon foreign Takfiri volunteers to administer the territory they control and repress it’s population. This stands in contrast to the role foreign volunteers play in the Rojava Revolution, where they fight as auxiliaries of the Kurdish liberation movement to defend the revolution the Kurdish people are making.

In the context of Britain where the “local” (white, Christian, and in particular English) reactionary forces exploit the emotions of the masses when Takfiri “Islamic terrorism” is concerned to advance their reactionary agenda, we must emphasise that here it is the communists and other radical leftists who literally join the fight against the Takfiri forces in Syria. These are the same left-wing forces that the British bourgeois media accuses of coddling Islamists. These volunteers fight for Kurdish liberation, for women’s liberation, and to crush the retrograde Takfiri ideology ISIS represent.

Conflict in the Muslim world between between Leftist and Takfiri forces is not new: the current situation must be understood as the result of years of Cold War sponsorship of Sunni Islamism by British Imperialism, its allies, and clients. In recent years fascist and reactionary elements in the western imperialist states have increasingly focused their attacks upon Muslims and characterised their racist campaigns as a fight against Islamism. It is essential when struggling against anti-Muslim bigotry that all Leftists make it perfectly clear that those fighting and dying in the struggle against ISIS and other Takfiri forces globally are just those that the reactionaries and fascists attack: Muslims and Leftists.

As we write this statement, the bourgeois media have descended into hysterics in the mourning of this “heroic” police officer (Keith Palmer), killed “in the line of duty”. It should not escape the reader’s notice that this officer, killed no more senselessly than those bystanders on the bridge, is being treated as if his life is more valuable than theirs.

The claim that usually accompanies the worshipful martyrdom cult of dead soldiers and police is that they died “protecting us”, that they bravely faced down danger. Indeed, it is a collective feeling of people around the world that those who knowingly face danger to protect others are “heroes” in some sense. But Palmer did not rush to the scene to rescue victims of this terrorist attack. Palmer was an unsuspecting victim of this nihilistic attack, no better or worse than those poor souls who died on the bridge.

The state reflexively treats every person who dies in its service as more important than the masses of people who it supposedly represents. The bourgeois media, which ultimately represents the same class interests as the imperialist Westminster state, falls over itself to reproduce the narrative of “heroic” police and soldiers, no matter the circumstances of their deaths.

Meanwhile, actual heroes travel thousands of miles to confront ISIS directly. They face death fighting side by side with the Kurdish liberation movement and the Turkish and Kurdish Marxist-Leninists of the International Freedom Battalions in Rojava. Today, like every day, they will be liberating villages, protecting civilians from the predatory ISIS thugs and rescuing children from recruitment into their retrograde Takfiri worldview. They will be physically beating back ISIS’s territory so as to cut off its oil lifeline which ties ISIS to the international market, defending the gains of the Rojava Revolution and fighting for its victory. These heroes are the heirs to the internationalist anti-fascist fighters of the Spanish Civil War.

While the bourgeois media glorifies one dead police officer, it devalues the lives of the civilians killed in the Westminster attack and depicts the western volunteers fighting in Syria as curiosities. Our eyes are turned again and again to this single police officer who died tragically in a senseless attack by ISIS, we are asked to look with suspicion on our Muslim neighbours and told to have some sympathy for the “native” white, Christian, English fascists who harass them while leaving ISIS unscathed. We are to rally around the banner of the Westminster state because London experienced for a moment what Syrians experience every day, even while the aggressive imperialist forces turn their attention to the task of directly bringing down the Syrian regime. Just as ISIS and al-Qaeda are on the threshold of defeat, the Gulf Cooperation Council and Turkey now rub their hands with glee at the thought of replacing the Assad regime with a loyal Islamist client state akin to ISIS in its mentality!

The aim of those in the media who feign tears for PC Keith Palmer is in fact to silence dissent against the Westminster state, even as it aids those responsible for his death, even as it arms Saudi Arabia to slaughter Yemenis, and arms Turkey, who pass their weapons on to ISIS itself, so that hand in hand they can slaughter the Kurds!

The state blinds us with its impressive apparatus to the actual interests it represents, and to the real worth it places on our lives, which is nothing next to the profit motive that actually drives British imperialism at home and abroad. While the reactionary forces in imperialist countries boast to the masses of their plans to crush ISIS, it is the leftists they despise who are wiping out ISIS in practice! The anti-Islamism of the Western states and their local Fascists is a lie: a cover for imperialist aggression and a tool with which to turn the masses against each other.

We salute all of our comrades fighting Takfiri forces and call on all Leftist and progressive forces to support them and hail their heroism as the antidote to the reactionary establishment ideology which launches attacks on Muslims while supporting Takfri forces against anti-imperialist and progressive struggles across the world. British leftists have answered the call of the Rojava Revolution for support in the struggle against the Takfiri forces of ISIS. We must spread word of the Revolution and champion our heroic volunteers, doing so will expose the bankruptcy and deception of this reactionary anti-Muslim ideology which in reality both feeds on and aids the Takfiri forces which inspired the despicable terrorist attack in Westminster.

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world – unite!


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