Bury the Tories!

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Theresa May is calling for a snap general election, claiming that “the country is coming together, but Westminster is not”. The divisions within Westminster to which Theresa May refers are in fact contradictions among the ruling classes of Britain that we can and must exploit in our fight against capitalism-imperialism.

While Theresa May seeks to campaign for a united and patriotic “British” front against EU imperialism, we stand for a popular front of the exploited classes and oppressed peoples against Westminster Imperialism. The Lib-Dems and their equivalents are taking this opportunity to call for a vote of no-confidence in Brexit. We call for a vote of no confidence in their Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn is attacked for “secretly” wanting Brexit, on “socialist” terms, we call for support for Corbyn on exactly those grounds. The alliance of capital represented in Westminster frets about the risk of Brexit pushing Scotland towards independence, we call on the Scottish to push forward with their plans to exercise their right to self-determination against Westminster!

We call for youth and workers of diverse backgrounds across Britain to redouble their efforts to stand in the way of the Tories and austerity, in the ballot box and in the streets. Vote Labour in England, vote Plaid Cymru in Wales, vote SNP in Scotland. In Ireland, vote against the occupation and for a united socialist Ireland.

In every political discussion, hammer home to your friends and neighbours that the austerity regime being imposed across the world is an attack on our living standards and workers rights, make clear that the EU supports this programme in it’s entirety, as does Theresa May’s Brexit Regime. In every workplace, in every public square, in every school, wherever you go, underline the importance of solidarity between ordinary people against the Tory austerity programme. The divided ruling class desires to see us either join the ranks of deluded EU flag waving liberals or xenophobic Union Jack waving reactionaries. Many are being hoodwinked by this shameful state of affairs, we must resist it with all our might.

Who will raise high the banner of the poor and oppressed, the people whose blood, sweat and tears are fed upon by the parasitic ruling class represented by Westminster and the EU? Who will stand and fight for a society built by and for these ordinary people?

May has proved an enemy of women since she entered government. We reject her own self-identification as a feminist and instead judge her by her actions. Her term in the Home Office was marked by increased deportations of vulnerable women. She turned maternity care into a border control for vulnerable migrant women. She handed contracts to G4S, the private security company complicit in the psychological and sexual abuse of women detainees at Yarl’s Wood. She has never stood up against her governments closure of vital services for working and poor women: domestic violence refuges have been deprived of funding, while cuts to NHS funding have denied easy access to maternity care for many. Almost all of the misery inflicted by Tory austerity imposed upon the people of Britain has disproportionately affected women and children. There is no reason to suspect her term as premier will be any less of a disaster for working, vulnerable, and poor women than her term in the Home Office.

A Tory victory means an unrelenting assault upon the rights of workers and the oppressed to organise. As we have previously seen with the anti Trade Union Laws, once in place, they are very hard to overturn. Already there have been rumblings of a bill to ban transport workers from striking, no doubt in preperation for an all-out campaign to smash the Rail Maritime and Transport Union.  This cannot be allowed to happen. Every trade unionist has a duty to mobilise against this.

Theresa May poses herself and her cronies as the ultimate patriots. Through our ballots, our voices, and our actions, we must show ourselves as the real defenders of people in Britain. Of the English workers whose futures were stolen by the Thatcher regime which May seeks to replicate with her new Reagan across the pond. Of the Scottish people who see their neighbours go without when their supposed champions, the Labour Party that they worked so hard to build, betray them for Blair’s “pragmatism”. Of the Welsh who are impoverished more than most of Europe despite living just down the M4 from London. Of the London workers, of immigrant and refugee families, who push themselves to the limit to get by in a glittering city of plenty, a playground for the international parasites of imperialist finance capital, the kingdom of Midas.

In our words and our deeds, we will expose that the flag-waving reactionary Tories and their overtly fascist allies do not love or care for the people of these islands, for their land, their histories, or their futures. The ‘patriotic’ grandstanding of the Tories is a hollow gesture made by objective enemies of the people, no more accountable or “local” than the Brussels regime their voters rejected!

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world – unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains, you have a world to win.


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